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Granfondo Pantanissima in Cesenatico


This year the 7th edition of the Pantanissima Granfondo cycling event, dedicated to the cyclist Marco Pantani, takes place on Monday 21st April 2014 in Cesenatico.

This colourful event is the perfect opportunity for a great Easter Monday with all the family, whether it be as participants or spectators, in one of the most picturesque towns on the Romagna Riviera at what is a thoroughly enjoyable, outdoor event.

The Pantanissima Granfondo includes all the places, routes and itineraries, between the sea and the Appenines, that Pantani rode around on his bicycle during his training sessions.

The route, beginning and ending in Cesenatico, runs through some of the most beautiful, local countryside and hills. It passes the Pantani Monument and includes the Carnaio mountain pass, considered the hardest tract of the cycling route. The Granfondo Pantanissima covers two routes, one of 110km for the less experienced riders and a second, longer 160km route for the expert cyclists. As in previous editions the organisers are looking forward to meeting competitors arriving from all over Italy and abroad.

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