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The Rubicone Camping Bungalow Village is located near to Rimini and thanks to this ideal position offers visitors the chance to spend entertaining and relaxing holidays on the Rimini Adriatic Riviera. 
Rimini is open for holidays 365 days a year. 
Rimini is holidays for all. Families, children, singles, couples and the over sixties. Rimini is sea. The Adriatic Sea, renowned, in Italy and abroad, for its beauty and cleanliness. 
Rimini is sea. The Adriatic Sea, renowned, in Italy and abroad, for its beauty and cleanliness.
Rimini is the pearl of the Adriatic Riviera. It entertains and enchants and seduces visitors with its infinite possibilities.
Rimini is art, history, culture. It is full of precious relics dating back to Roman Ariminum.
Rimini is beaches. There are lots of modern beach bars where visitors can catch the sun and enjoy themselves. 
Rimini is amusement parks. Aquafan water fun park, The Dolphin Park, Oltremare Amusement park, Mirabilandia Amusement park, Le Navi and many others.
Rimini is good food. Cappelletti and tagliatelle pasta, piadine bread, squacquerone cheese and lots and lots of fish.
Rimini is the European capital of enjoyment, family holidays and new trends. 
Rimini is summer, autumn, spring and winter. A year round wellness oasis.


Rimini was founded in 268 b.C. by the Romans and became the colony of Ariminum. It was a fortress against the Gallic threat and a buffeting point for the conquest of the Padana low land areas.
During the years following these conquests, under the rule of Caesar Octavius Augustus, Rimini underwent a period of great public construction: The Arc of Augustus, the roads, the theatre, the stone facia work on the temples, the construction of public buildings the restoration of existing buildings with precious marbles, elegant stonework and mosaic floors.
Building work also began on the great bridge over the river Marecchia and was later finished under the rule of Tiberius. The aqueduct, sewage, drainage system and amphitheatre were also built under Roman Rule.

It was only during the XIII Century, after the Emperor Federico Barbarossa recognised the town as municipal area that Rimini officially became an independent municipality.
The Arengo palace (1204), Podestà Palace (1330) and the new city walls were built following this date. Then on the arrival of the religious orders in Rimini churches and convents were built where the great artists such as GIOTTO worked. Indeed the presence of this great master lead to the foundation of an autonomous school for artists. However the municipal period did not last long due to the continuous uprisings between the different municipal l factions and it was as a result of these uprisings that the Malatesta family came to power.
The Malatesta held power in Rimini from 1295 to1528, during this time they expanded the land areas belonging to the Gentry by buying castles and villages in Romagna, the Marches and on the Adriatic coast.


In the summer of 1843 , the Baldini Counts and the doctor Claudio Tintori founded the first beach entertainment area and thus began the tourist industry in Rimini. The main building was soon demolished.
In 1872 the new building was built, called the Kursaal. Today it is considered the symbol of tourism in Rimini.
In 1908 the Grand Hotel of Rimini, built by the South American artist Paolo Somazzi, was opened.
In 1992 the congress centre next door to the hotel was inaugurated. It is a modern building that hosts national and international congresses throughout the year
In 1994, this important hotel establishment, the symbol of a more modern tourism, was declared a national monument by the Monuments and Fine Arts Office.
During recent years the Rimini Trade Fair Arena has been opened and hosts numerous national and international shows and fairs attracting visitors and companies from all over the world.
Rimini today is the holiday capital of Europe. It is a beautiful destination well known worldwide for its sea, sun, entertainment and welcoming atmosphere.
So... what are you waiting for?
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