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Welcome to Savignano Mare,  a small, golden stretch of sand on the Adriatic Sea, between Rimini and Cesenatico, at the heart of Italy’s most famous Riviera. Its gently sloping beaches and transparent sea provide the ideal surroundings for families with children of all ages, guaranteeing a peaceful, relaxing holiday.

In the gardens adjacent to the swimming pools there are football, volleyball and basketball surfaces where the professional, entertainment team organises sports tournaments for guests of all ages. This park also includes the Mini Club headquarters with a modern, well equipped playground so children can enjoy the open-air to the full in safe surroundings.


The Camping Village Rubicone is the ideal departure point for trips and excursions, by car, bicycle or on foot. The surrounding towns and villages are steeped in history, art and extraordinary places to visit. One of the nearest walking routes includes the spectacular, wooden bridge that connects the two banks of the Rubicone river mouth. The walking route departs from the nearby, seaside village of San Mauro Mare and arrives as far as the nearby Gatteo Mare along an avenue lined with oleanders and rich, green Mediterranean undergrowth. Once on the wooden bridge the feeling is one of being suspended in mid air whilst the boats and pleasure craft set off from the dock below. What’s the most photographed part of the bridge? The bronze bust of Julius Cesar with the legendary quotation “ alea iacta est” ( the die is cast).


Fun, relaxation and the open-air are just some of the ingredients that make a holiday at the Camping Village Rubicone unique and unforgettable. A seaside holiday with all the comforts of home. We look forward to making your stay one to remember!