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Holidays in Romagna

Food, Wine and Wellness Itineraries: Camping Village Rubicone

Food and Wine Holidays in Emilia Romagna
Discover the food and wine route in Emilia Romagna.
Food and Wine tourism is particularly popular in the region of Emilia Romagna thanks to the quality of the local products and a culinary tradition that includes both fish and meat dishes. Emilia Romagna is also famous for its wines..
Rimini itself is home to a particular breed of cattle, bred and raised according to traditional farming methods. The "Mora Romagnola" breed of black pig is also bred in this area and the meat, prepared in the form of salamis and sausages, is considered a delicacy.

The typical products of this region that must be sampled during a holiday on the Romagna Riviera are seasoned hams, salamis and sausages. Ham, salami and sausage also make up the ideal filling for the local Piadina bread.
This bread is known locally as “Piada” and it is made from a simple recipe of water, flour, salt and lard. It is cooked on a hot plate and is delicious when served warm.
This basic bread is the pride of the Adriatic Riviera.

When visiting Emilia Romagna don’t forget to try the tortellini and tagliatelli pasta dishes and the Fossa cheese (a cheese matured underground).
The Camping Bungalow Village Rubicone is near to Rimini and the ideal departure point for trips and excursions along the famous Emilia Romagna Food and Wine Route.

Adriatic Riviera Emilia Romagna: wellness and relaxation for all the family 

Wellness and holidays at the Camping bungalow Rubicone Rimini
Holidays, wellness, camping and the Adriatic Sea are all part of the ideal family, holiday experience. Holidays and wellness become part and parcel of a stay at the Camping Bungalow Rubicone. 

The Terme di Rimini health spa is within a short distance from the holiday village. Visitors can choose from a variety of therapeutic and beauty treatments to make their stay a healthy and relaxing one.

The Terme di Rimini health spa is located directly on the coast. It is a modern structure and the thermal seawater plays an important role in the treatments offered. All visitors should experience the beneficial effects of the talassotherapy and the spa medical staff is available to give advice on treatments. 

Visitors will be met by a team of professionals that will help to ensure that their wellness holiday on the Adriatic Riviera will be a memorable one.