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Due to the Covid-19 circumstances the cancellation terms of the Camping Village Rubicone have been changed until the 28th of August: you can cancel your reservation within 7 days before the arrival date. If you prefer to cancel your reservation, we will issue a voucher amounting to the prepayment value which would be valid for the whole summer season 2021.
This will allow you to wait with the cancellation of your reservation until the last moment.



1. Any booking is considered confirmed on receipt of the total deposit as set by the Management and the written confirmation of said deposit.
2 . The booking may be used by the person identified in the booking confirmation only and may not be transferred to third parties without the authorization of the Management. If the accommodation (pitch, bungalow etc) is not occupied within two days of the confirmed arrival date then the Management reserves the right to re-­‐rent the accommodation. The camping pitches must be occupied by a minimum of 2 adults.
3. In the event of cancellation 30 days prior to the confirmed arrival date, the deposit will be returned in full within the current year (minus the €20,00 booking fee and €5,00 bank charges). There will be no refund for cancellations made with less than 30 days’ notice.
If you prefer to cancel your reservation, we will issue a voucher* amounting to the prepayment value which would be valid for the whole summer season 2021. The voucher is transferable to other people.
* see Italian decree law nr. 18 of 17th March 2020, which on 24 th April has been converted into law nr. 27, art. 88-bis.
If you couldn’t use the voucher until the end of the summer season 2021, we will refund the prepayment less the Euro 20,-- of the reservation fee and the Euro 5,-- of the bank charges starting from the 15th of November (when our booking office opens again) till the end of the year 2021.

4 . In the event of departure in advance of the confirmed departure date (for any reason), the guest must pay the whole period as booked (pitch + persons or accommodation). The Management reserves the right to re-­‐rent the pitch or accommodation vacated ahead of time.


5. The registration of every single person who enters and stays in the Village is obligatory. On
arrival guests must present a valid travel identification document and fill in and sign the check-­‐in fo rms.
6 . Following check-­‐in guests will receive a personal, non transferable, identification bracelet
to be worn for the whole period of stay. This makes guests immediately identifiable to our staff and helps to avoid intrusion of strangers.
7 . Children under the age of 18yrs are not admitted into the Village unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians are held responsible for the children under 18yrs in their care and for any damage or disturbance caused to people or things, on the Camping Village premises, by their actions.
8 . The accommodation inside the Camping Village (pitch, bungalow etc) is assigned by the Management. Any changes to pitch or accommodation must be made in accordance with the Management. Guests may not change their assigned place of their own initiative.


9. Camping guests must vacate their pitch before 12.00 on the day of departure. Guests staying in bungalows, mobile homes or apartments must vacate their accommodation before 10.00 on the day of departure. Late departure, after the above times, incurs the extra charge of one full day. 1 0 . Payment may be made in the Check -­‐out Office between 8.30 and 12.30 and between 16.00 and 19.00 on the day of departure or sooner, on return of the identification bracelets and the lock for the beach umbrella.


11. The Management reserves the right to allow entry to day visitors to guests who have already checked in. Visitors may enter the campsite at the assigned times and up until and not after 20.00, only on presentation of a valid travel document. Short visits of up to one hour are free and to be considered in accordance with the Campsite organizational requirements. Longer visits mu st be authorized by the Management and incur a charge as listed and receipt of a visitor pass (paper payment receipt and/or bracelet). Children under 18 yrs of age are not permitted to enter as visitors unless accompanied by an adult. The campsite registered guest is responsible for the check-­‐in and registration of all visitors and for their behavior whilst on the campsite premises. 1 2 . Unauthorized persons found on the campsite premises without the required pass are punishable for illegal trespassing, according to art. 614 of the Italian Criminal Code.
13. Visitors must park their vehicle or motorcycle outside the campsite premises unless authorized by the Management and on payment of the relevant charge for supplementary vehicles.


14. For the safety of our guests inside the Camping Village the speed limit for all vehicles is 5km/h. The use of motor vehicles is prohibited inside the campsite between the hours of 24.00 and 7.00. Motor vehicles may not leave or enter the campsite between those times.
1 5 . Cars must be parked within the confines of the camping pitch or in the car park situated by the swimming pool. Parking in any other area, free pitch or non parking zone, is prohibited.


16. All the guests inside the campsite are asked to avoid disturbance of any sort, noisy behavior, activity, games or use of equipment or tools between 14.00 and 15.30 and 24.00 and 7.00. All no ise that may cause disturbance to neighboring guests is prohibited, including the setting up or taking down of tents and canopies, the use of radios or televisions at a high volume , the washing of plates and linens. Any shouting, raised voices or noisy games and activities are prohibited.


17. Animals are not permitted inside the Campsite Village and Residence. RESPECT AND SAFEGUARD OF THE ENVIRONMENT
18. Guests are asked to be especially careful when throwing away refuse. The refuse must be placed in the correct recycling containers divided into food waste, paper, plastic, non-­‐ recyclable, oil and used batteries. Waste must not be disposed of in the manholes.
1 9 . In accordance with the new safety and environmental regulations, the use of barbecues is allowed only in the designated campsite area.
20. The washing of plates, pans and clothes is prohibited outside of the appointed areas.
2 1 . The chemical WC must be emptied at the appointed disposal points, this also applies to the camper van waste which must be disposed of in the assigned areas shown on the map of the campsite.
2 2 . It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any water or liquid waste from campers or caravans into the ground, manholes or drains situated on the campsite roads and lanes. These are for rainwater only.
2 3 . It is prohibited to dig holes and channels, light fires, hammer nails into trees or plants or to vandalize plants, flowers, equipment or property on the Campsite. The campsite reserves the right to expel any offenders from the campsite and to claim for compensation.


24. The Management does not accept responsibility for any items lost, stolen or damaged that have not been handed over for temporary safekeeping to the Management. The Management do es not take responsibility for any damage or upset caused by storms, hail, fallen trees, branches, illnesses (including of plants), epidemics or fires.


25. The Management reserves the right to impose the immediate expulsion from the Holiday Village and Campsite of anybody who violates these regulations or disturbs the normal, day-­‐to ‐-­ day running, operations and peace of the tourist facility.