Cooking in Romagna | Sangiovese wine | Piadina Rimini

Experience the tastes of Romagna: Sangiovese wine, piadina and homemade pasta

Romagna covers the southern territories of the Emilia Romagna region.  It is a land where the flavours  of the table are an integral part of  local tradition and, in terms of national and international recognition, define the character of the territory itself .

The inland hills are home to the production of excellent wines such as Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana. These wines are highly appraised both at home and abroad and are well rooted in the local tradition. The Sangiovese red wine is the emblem of Romagna epitomizing the colours and flavours of this rich, hospitable territory. Legend has it that the name Sangiovese originates from  Monte Giove, a  hilltop area situated near to Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna where, during the middle ages,  the monks produced a red wine that was even popular with Pope Leo the XII.

Today the Sangiovese wine is produced in many areas of Romagna, acquiring different flavours and aromas in accordance  to where the vines are grown, depending on the distance from the sea, the type of terrain and the surrounding microclimate.

The traditional Romagna cuisine is famous for its fresh, egg pasta dishes such as  "tagliatelle",  "cappelletti",  "tortelli",  "strozzapreti" and "passatelli", all served with a variety of delicious sauces and condiments.

In culinary terms the Piadina bread is however the true symbol of Romagna. Its daily presence on the local table dates back to the sixties and its is as popular today as it was then. It originated as an alternative to traditional bread later transforming into a snack when served with a sweet filling and a single course meal when served with one of the many, tasty fillings invented by the local restaurateurs over the years, accompanying it with other traditionally, local products such as squaquerone cheese, candied figs and seasoned meats.

So when you are on holiday in Romagna,  from Rimini to Cesenatico, a filled piadina accompanied by a glass of Sangiovese wine is without doubt the best way to savour your stay!