Ruby Village is online now: the new app of Camping Rubicone

Ruby App is online now: the new app of Camping Rubicone

It's now available the new Ruby App, the app to stay up to date about what's going on at the village, before, during and after your holiday.

Available in two versions, for Android and IOS devices , RubyApp offers a guide to all the events that take place within the village during the summer season, with a daily calendar about all the activities that the animation team at Camping Village Rubicone provides up to the shows organized to entertain the evenings at Camping Village Rubicone.

And then news, events, information for guests during their stay at the seaside, and also information about accommodation, prices, for those who have not booked the holiday at Camping Village Rubicone yet.

The village map is  also very useful to move around the village.

Visit the store and download the Ruby App now, it's free!

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