Informatie over de verwerking van persoonsgegevens - art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 dated 27/04/2016


art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 dated 27/04/2016

In compliance with Article 13 of the Eu agreement GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2016/679 dated 27/04/2016, Camping Rubicone S.r.l. situated in Corso d’Augusto 26, 47921 – Rimini (RN) Italy, in its role as Data Owner, declares the following;

Data Owner

The Data OWNER is Camping Rubicone S.r.l. with headquarters in Via Matrice Destra 1, 47039 – Savignano Mare (FC)



The personal data provided will be used exclusively for the following purposes:


e) The drawing up and implementation of the contract itself and of all the activities related to it, for example management of stay, invoicing, credit protection, general management and related organizational, functional and implementational administration procedures; 

f) Compliance with all obligations foreseen by the law, rules, applicable laws and other provisions issued by legal authorities, controlling bodies and vigilators.


The processing of the above data does not require your express consent (art.6 lett. b) and e) of the GDPR.


g) marketing and promotional activities regarding products and services, offered by the Data Controller, including automatically transmitted commercial correspondence (eg. sms, fax, mms, email etc.) and traditionally operator, controlled transmission (telephone, postal services).  

h) Survey analysis and market research.


The processing of the above data requires your express consent (art. 7 RGBD). This consent regards both the automatic and traditional methods of transmission described above. You retain the right to wholly or partially withdraw consent at any time, easily and without charge, to the processing of your data for the above purposes, excluding for example the automated transmission, and express your wish to receive any promotional or commercial correspondence via traditional methods. 


The obligatory and facultative nature of the conferment of details and the consequences of an eventual refusal: 

The data required for the purposes laid out in points a) are obligatory according to law and/or for the conclusion and implementation of the contractual relationship and the supply of the services requested. Refusal, partial or otherwise, to supply the data would prevent the Supplier from establishing and managing the relationship itself and to supply the service requested. 

Storage of the data for purposes b) and c) is optional, refusal to supply this data would make it impossible to carry out the activities there described. 


Data processing 

The data processing is carried out as in art.4 n.2 GDPR, for the above purposes, on paper and electronically, in agreement with the current legislation regarding confidentiality and security and in conformity with the ethics of correctness, transparency and the safeguard of the rights of the Client.

The processing is carried out by the Data Owner, the Data Owner employees and/or representative.


Transmission and Circulation 

User data may be transmitted, within the limits of the obligations, for the purposes described above and in agreement with the current, pertinent laws and the following categories:


1. The processing of data for legal purposes or to fulfill specific legal obligations, regulations and/or community legislation;

2. Controlling Companies or companies that are part of, or branches of, the data Owner group, according to Art.2359 Civil Code, in their role as processing agents or for administrative and accountancy purposes (purposes connected to in-company organization, accountancy and administration, and all activities related to contractual obligations);  

3. Actual persons and/or external legal persons providing services to the Data Owner for purposes expressed in point 1. (for example, call centers, suppliers, advisors, companies, associations or professional bodies). These subjects act as data controllers. 


There will be no circulation of personal data.


Retention Time

The personal Data shall be stored for the entire duration of time as stipulated by the Data Controller. After that time the data will be preserved in accordance with the legal regulations governing the administrative storage of documents, only then the data will be eliminated. 


Transfer of Data

The personal data is stored on servers situated within the European Union: The Data controller reserves the right, when necessary, to move the servers out of the EU area. In this case the Data owner guarantees that the transfer of data out of the EU will be carried out in accordance with current legislation and in agreement with the contractual clauses governed by the European Commission. 


User Rights 

According to art,15GDPR the User can claim the following rights:


5. Receive confirmation that your Personal Data has been previously recorded, even before registration, and the clear communication of that data; 

6. a) confirm the source of the personal data; b) processing methods and purpose, c) how the data will be handled electronically; d) personal particulars of the Data Owner, owner representatives and employees according to art.5. 5, comma 2 Privacy Code and art.3 comma 1, GDPR; the personal details of any third parties who will have access to the data or who will be made aware of the data in their role as State representatives or employees; 

7. a) update, modify or integrate the data; b) cancel, transform into anonymous, block any data handled in violation of the law, including storage of the data for purposes contrary to those for which data has been collected and processed; c) attestation that points a) and b) have been clearly communicated, also in regards to their content, to any third party in receipt of the data, especially in the event that compliance is impossible or requires use of methods outside those expressed by the law. 

8. Oppose entirely or partially: a) for any legitimate reason the processing of your personal data even if pertinent to the collection purpose; oppose the automatic processing of the personal data for marketing or publicity purposes, market research or commercial purposes, whether by email or by the traditional methods of telephone or postal services. The data user retains the right to partially oppose the above processing methods choosing to accept only one or both, automatic or traditional. In agreement with art.16-21 GDPR the User also retains the right, when applicable, to launch a complaint with the Information Commissioner, alongside the right to rectify, right to cancel, right to limit, right to portability and the right to oppose the data processing.


To exercise your rights or for information regarding the processing of your data or security issues, in accordance with art.15 GDPR, contact: 

Camping Rubicone S.r.l.

Corso d’Augusto 26, 47921 – Rimini (RN) Italy

Tel. +39 0541346101