Calici di Stelle in Santarcangelo | wine taste in Rimini

Calici di stelle Wine Festival at Santarcangelo: wine tasting and local delicacies

Once again this year the Fattoria Saiana, Sangiovese wine producer located at Torriana, Rimini, will be taking part at the " Calici di Stelle" Wine Festival in Santarcangelo di Romagna on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th August.

Two evenings during which this small, historical town, situated just a few kilometers from Rimini, will fill its streets with the best wines and delicacies of the surrounding territory. Over 100 wine producers will be taking part and visitors will have the chance to taste and sample their products. The tasting is organised as follows: visitors will be able to buy a wine glass from one of the glass kiosks and receive in return a coupon which can then be used to taste the various wines from the stalls situated in the old town centre of Santarcangelo.

There will also be music and entertainment from local artists and musicians and lots of the shops will remain open for the occasion. The small town of Santarcangelo is situated just a few kilometres from Rimini and is easy to reach from the Rimini Nord motorway exit and just a few kilometres from the Camping Rubicone.

The Calici di Stelle Festival is the perfect chance for a weekend dedicated to good food and wine in Italy's beautiful Romagna region, just a short distance from the Adriatic Riviera.