Tasting the Adriatic Coast

A beach holiday also means to taste the traditional dishes of the area and the Romagna has many flavors to be tasted.

In addition to the traditional dishes of the local cuisine, fresh pasta, red wine, there are so many flavors that you can taste without sitting at the restaurant, but just strolling.

Among the typical products to taste during a holiday in Romagna and on the Adria coast, there are in fact ham, salami and sausages representing the filling of the ideal Piadina. La Piadina (called "piada") is a simple dish, made with water, flour, salt and fat. Piadina is a real pride is on the Adriatic coast that starting from Emilia Romagna has conquered the whole world for his taste. The flat bread is served with many different fillings, from savory to sweet, delicate flavors combining with other more determined, and surely, everyone can find their favorite Piadina.

Along the Adriatic coast there are many kiosks, small buildings that house everything you need to serve a great stuffed Piadina, which can be enjoyed at the time or takeaway to eat it at home or at camping if you're on holiday at Camping Village Rubicone for example.

During your holiday on the Adriatic Coast of Romagna taste the Piadina and enjoy all the Romagna.