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Season 2014 Camping Village Rubicone: fun at the sea

On Sunday, September 21st, the 2014 season will close at Camping Village Rubicone.

Another summer spent with all of our guests on the Adriatic coast with fun, nature, beach and entertainment. It has been a summer full of events and appointments that we hope you have made an enjoyable holiday in together with the staff of Camping Village Rubicone.

There are many initiatives organized daily by the staff of Camping Rubicone: initiatives for children, tournaments, games, sports and baby dance to have fun together with music and dance performances at the Arena for the whole family, the circus, dancers, musical performances and live concerts.

Each year, the Camping Village Rubicone organizes events within the village for the entertainment of all its guests and we really hope that this year you all had a pleasant holiday by the sea, directly on the Adriatic coast, in the company of Camping Rubicone staff.

We all want to thank our guests for the season spent together and we look forward to next year for a new summer, new games and lots of fun.


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