Savour the sincerity and genuineness of a territory steeped in history, traditions and flavours….

The famous seaside resort towns of Cesenatico(5km), Rimini (5km) and Riccione (25km) lie just a few kilometres from the charming beaches at Savignano Mare. The beautiful towns of Ravenna (28km), San Marino (30km), are also within driving distance of Savignano Mare and the holiday village organises frequent trips for guests to the world famous cities of Venice and Florence. The inland areas of Romagna are ideal for bicycle and mountain bike enthusiasts. There are numerous cycling lanes and routes that lead through the suggestive countryside of the Valmarecchia and Montefeltro leading to medieval hamlets, imposing fortresses, castles and hilltop towns such as  Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, Verucchio, Torriana, Gradara e San Leo that bear witness to the Roman and Byzantine eras.

This territory has a story to tell that is full of historical facts, traditions and delights. The mountains, lowlands, hills and beaches that characterise this area surprise the visitor with intense emotions and unforgettable memories. A stroll through the historical, hilltop towns, amongst art and craft workshops and stalls and shops offering the local culinary delicacies reveals to the visitor the warmth and steadfast traditions of this enchanting region. The nearby hillsides and countryside are covered with vineyards  where visitors can taste wines such as Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana. These wines are famous in Italy and abroad  and the wine making traditions are well rooted in the local culture. The culinary traditions of this area are equally as famous, best known for pasta such as “tagliatelle”, “cappelletti”,  “tortelli”,  “strozzapreti” and  “passatelli which are served with a variety of sauces and condiments.

The gastronomic specialities of this region include the traditional “ piadina” bread , the celebrated “ formaggio di fossa” cheese,  the PDO extra virgin olive oil and the ancient recipe for caramelised figs.  The Romagna region offers the visitor  no end of opportunities to experience its passion for itsterritory and provides  proof of its reputation as being the home of good food, good wine and exceptional taste.

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